Returning the joy from motion


Vital Bien

Vital Bien is a private healthcare facility that focuses on the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal and spinal disorders. Our goal is to relieve pain caused by degenerative musculoskeletal diseases as well as to restore proper functioning of the body and the joy of motion.

We focus on maximum possible restoration, preservation or improvement of physical and mental functions and capabilities aimed at accelerating patient reintegration into everyday life. The rehabilitation facility Vital Bien is part of Hotel Flora in Dudince. It offers its services to accommodated guests as well as to the general public in form of a daily stationary.

Services offer

Stay packages

Dr. Medik - Spine

14 procedures

Dr. Medik

8 procedures

Curative stay

10 procedures

Individual rehabilitation

This rehabilitation consists of 10 daily procedures after the doctor’s examination. The medical check starts on Friday from 17:00 to 20:00. During this procedure, the patient is examined and gets the procedures plan. Subsequently, the patient undergoes rehabilitation every day.

Procedures: physical therapy

For physical therapy and the best results we use some of the most effective devices today. The wide range of BTL devices in the Vital Bien Rehabilitation Center provides professional and reliable physiotherapy equipment represented by electrotherapy, ultrasound and magnetotherapy devices.

Magnetotherapy is a proven medical method used to treat pain and to accelerate tissue healing. Based on many years of experience, BTL Magnetotherapy is one of the most powerful magnetotherapeutic devices on the market today. Magnetotherapy uses the effects of the electromagnetic field. Well-known healing effects relieve pain and accelerate healing. In addition, the applicators are uniquely equipped with a stationary magnetic field generator. The combination of dynamic pulse and stationary magnetic fields is suitable for acute and chronic stages as well as inflammatory indications.

Ultrasound therapy is an effective way to relieve muscle cramps or pain. The most advanced parameters and a wide range of protocols make BTL products the most advanced systems in the industry. BTL’s ergonomic multi-frequency ultrasound heads are equipped with visual and acoustic contact control. Ultrasound is a mechanical wave formed by the oscillations of a crystal placed in an ultrasound applicator. These vibrations are transferred from the applicator to the body surface and deeper into the tissue by gel. Due to ultrasound, deep micromassage occurs and tissue temperature is increased locally.

The ultrasound frequency is selected based on the target tissue. 1 MHz frequency is typically used to treat deeper injury, while 3 MHz frequency is ideal for treating surface tissues. BTL-4000 Smart & Premium devices allow alternating frequency therapy. When using AC frequency, the system automatically changes the frequency from 1 to 3 MHz at preset intervals.

BTL electrotherapy devices are characterized by the widest range of therapeutic currents on the market. BTL offers state-of-the-art equipment with the widest range of current types available in the industry. Touch control, preset protocols and therapeutic encyclopaedia allow effective and easy therapy for all clients. Electrotherapy is a proven and effective form of muscle stimulation and pain treatment.

The paraffin wrap helps not only to relax and reduce the pain of the musculoskeletal system, but also has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Paraffin is used for problems of musculoskeletal system of post-traumatic or degenerative origin, chronic rheumatoid arthritis and other disabilities, especially of small joints of limbs, osteoporosis, in case of spinal pain syndrome, and wherever the heat brings pain relief.

Peat is composed of more than hundreds of plants growing in fertile soil. It contains a large number of nutrients, natural trace elements, minerals and substances that are easily absorbed through human skin. Peat is rich in organic substances, especially humic acid, tannins, waxes and enzymes. Its composition positively affects the renewal of skin cells, congests and improves muscle and joint activity, promotes faster absorption of blood gushes or improves healing of skin eczema. Peat wraps are used in muscle overloads, for general muscle relaxation. They also work in case of metabolism and musculoskeletal disorders.

With the inner projector moving along the spine, thermo-acupressure massage bed Ceragem relaxes shrouds around the vertebrae, straightens the spine, calms the nerve pathways in the human body, improves blood circulation and the Chi life energy flow. We recommend Ceragem especially to patients with chronic conditions of rheumatic origin, arthrosis, muscle contracture, joint pain and spine, cellulite or obesity.

You can enjoy relaxation and health with the whirlpool tub in any season. Water is a great rehabilitation tool. Whirlpool allows more flexibility and by increasing the blood supply to the painful areas, it helps to distract the painful feelings from the affected or overloaded areas of the whole body.

Kineziotaping is a Japanese treatment mainly used to heal injured athletes. However, it is also effective for other problems as musculoskeletal and muscle pain. Taping helps with orthopedic problems, it loosens back and neck tension and is also effective in other difficulties.

Procedures: massages

Our massages will provide you relaxation, rest, regeneration and relief from pain. Not only for your the body, but also the mind. We have highly qualified and certified masseurs who will ensure the procedures provided by us are pleasant and effective experience.

Classic massage is one of the oldest methods of massage. It brings a deep relaxation by pressuring soft parts of the body. It also removes fatigue, congestion, muscle cramps, restores the mobility of stiff and painful muscles. It has a positive effect on stress and depression, and reduces tension. This way you can enjoy total physical relaxation and mental balance.

Dorn method can be used to treat spine, shifted vertebrae or joints and place them under the gentle pressure of the thumb to the correct position, without damaging the tendons, ligaments or muscles. The overall statics of the body and spine is adjusted this way. Both tissue blocks and energy blocks are released. Compared to other methods, Dorn method cannot be painful.

It is a gentle energetic back massage that relieves physical or mental blockages. Breuss massage regenerates intervertebral discs and addresses a wide range of health problems. It is suitable for balancing the overall statics of the body. It releases mental, physical and energetic blocks, balances back, improves the position of the spine and alleviates muscle imbalance.

SM system is a complex treatment exercise that removes the cause of back plates damage. It restores spiral stabilization of body when moving, balance in muscles and proper posture. This allows you to regenerate your spine at every step.

Price list

Medical examination: 20€

Medical examination and 10 procedures: 70 €
Includes a doctor’s examination and 10 procedures as indicated

Physical therapy:

  • Magnetotherapy, 15 min: 7 €
  • Electrotherapy, 15 min: 7 €
  • Ultrasound, 10 min: 7 €
  • SM System exercise, 15 min: 5 €
  • Peat wrap, 20 min: 10 €
  • Paraffin hand wrap, 20 min: 10 €
  • Cupping (vacuum massage), 60 min: 22 €
  • Mud wrap partial, 20 min: 15 €
  • Mud wrap, all body, 60 min: 25 €
  • Massage bath, 20 min: 8 €
  • Whirlpool, 15 min: 6 €
  • Sea bath, 15 min: 4 €
  • Ceragem, 35 min: 7 €


  • Dorn’s method, 70 min: 27 €
  • Breuss massage, 30 min: 18 €
  • Classic back massage, 15 min: 13 €
  • Classic neck massage, 10 min: 11 €
  • Classic back and neck massage, 20 min: 15 €
  • Classic massage of the upper limbs, 15 min: 10 €
  • Classic massage of the lower limbs, 30 min: 16 €
  • Reflexive foot massage, 60 min: 23 €
  • Back of the body massage (legs + back), 60 min: 23 €
  • Full body massage, 60 min: 25 €

Massage with lava stones:

  • Full body massage, 120 min: 45 €
  • Back part of body (legs and spine), 60 min: 25 €
  • Face + chest, 30 min: 15 €
  • Spine, 45 min: 21 €

Instrumental lymphatic drainage:

  • 30 min: 13 €
  • 60 min: 18 €
  • Subscription 6 x 30 min: 52 €
  • Subscription 6 x 60 min: 72 €
  • The price also includes disposable lympho-trousers


  • Face and neck, 30 min: 17 €
  • Legs marathon, body fit, relax, 45 min: 20 €
  • Full body massage lavender, nine flowers, 75 min: 27 €
  • Whole body massage body fit, relax, 75 min: 27 €
  • Honey back massage, 40 min: 23 €
  • Honey joints massage, 35 min: 20 €
  • Ear candles, 20 min: 10 €


  • Oil SALUS eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, rosemary: 1,50 €
  • Oil SALUS tea tree, rosewood: 2 €
  • Oil SALUS coconut – chocolate, coconut – tropic: 3 €
  • Ingredient – bath tub, Presov salt: 1 €


Do you like our Vital Bien offer? Are you interested in rehabilitation in the form of package stays or individual rehabilitation with 10 daily procedures? Book your dates in Hotel Flóra Dudince. We are looking forward to your visit!