Dr. Medik – Spine

7 nights/15 procedures from 339 Euros/pp
(starting on Friday)

Are you experiencing back pain? Such pain can be very uncomfortable, making the life hard and spoiling good mood. The statistics are pretty bad. More and more people around the world suffer from this problem. That’s why we would like to offer you a medical-rehabilitation package focused on reveiling the back pain. 


Included services:

  • Accomodation in a room with a balcony
  • Full board (dinner on the day of arrival, breakfast on the day of departure) or halfboard
  • Consultation with a physician + 15 medical-rehabilitation procedures
    • 1x classic massage 20 min.
    • 2x Breuss massage 30 min.
    • 1x Dorn’s method 70 min.
    • 2x SM System 15min.
    • 2x whirlpool 15 min.
    • 1x CERAGEM 35 min.
    • 2x peat or paraffin wrap
    • 1x ultrasound
    • 1x electrotherapy
    • 1x magnetotherapy
    • 1x sea bath 15 min.


Price until 30.11.2020:

  • halfboard: 339 Euros / pp, fullboard: 349 Euros / pp

Price from 01.12.2020 until 30.04.2021:

  • halfboard: 349 Euros / pp, fullboard: 359 Euros / pp

Check-in is available after 14:00 and checkout until 10:00.

You get from us for free:

  • 1x Kinesio taping for free
  • unlimited entrance to hotel’s pool with 28ºC water
  • unlimited entrance to hotel’s seating pool with 36ºC water
  • every Friday or Saturday dance party with live music
  • barbecue dinner once a week – in case of good weather


Additional services:

  • 10% discount on purchased massages and treatments

Description of individual procedures:

Classic massage

Classic massage is one of the oldest methods of massages. By pressing soft parts ofthe body, the massage brings a deep relaxation, removes fatigue, overload, muscle cramps and restores the movement of stiff and painful muscles. It also has a positive effect on stress and depression and tension degradation. It brings a total physical relaxation and psychical balance.

Breuss's massage

Breuss’s massage is a gentle, energetic back massage in the spine area that releases physical or mental blockades. Breuss’s massage regenerates inter-plate plaques and thus solves a wide range of health problems. It is suitable for balancing the overall statics of the organism, releasing the psychical, physical and energetic blocks, balancing the back, improving the correct position of the spine and alleviating the muscular imbalance.

Dorn's method

Using Dorn‘s method, it is possible to treat the spine, displaced vertebrae or joints and place them under the gentle pressure of the thumb into their correct position, without damaging the tendons, ligaments or muscles. This regulates the overall static of the body and the spine. Blocks in tissues and energy blocks are released. As opposed to other methods, Dorn’s method should not exceed the pain threshold, the treatment is carried out freely and without discomfort.

SM System

SM system is a complex healing exercise that removes the cause of plaque damage. It helps to return the person’s ability to helically stabilize the body while moving,  balance in the muscles, and to hold the body properly. This allows a person to regenerate his spine again at every step


Thermo-massage bed Ceragem. Using an internal projector that moves along the spine, this device releases the strains around the vertebrae, straightens the spine, calms the nervous paths in the human body and improves the blood circulation and the flow of Chi life energy.

Peat wrap

We recommend mainly for chronic conditions of rheumatic origin, arthrosis, muscle contraction, joint and spinal pain, cellulitis, obesity

Paraffin wraps

It helps not only to relieve and reduce the pain of the musculoskeletal system but also has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Paraffin is used for problems of the musculoskeletal system, post-traumatic or degenerative origin, chronic rheumatoid arthritis and other problems, especially with minor joints of the limbs, osteoporosis, spinal pain syndrome, and wherever the heat brings relief from pain.


Ultrasound is a vibration of a material environment with a frequency beyond the limit of audibility. Applied on tissue in the overall effect works as a micro-massage of the tissues with their simultaneous overheating.


Electrotherapy is a physical therapy which uses the healing effect of various forms of electrical energy. Electrotherapy largely utilizes its analgesic effects, often improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition, diminishes inflammatory activity, and provides for easier adjustment of movement functions.


With a whirlpool bath you will enjoy relaxation and health at any time of the year. Water as such is a great rehab. The whirlpool supports greater flexibility and by increasing blood supply to the painful areas it helps to relieve painful feelings from affected or presumed places throughout the body.


It is a Japanese treatment method of Kinesio Taping, which is used especially for injuries of athletes. It is also effective for other problems such as pain of the musculoskeletal system. Taping helps with orthopedic problems, releases back and neck tension, but is also effective in other areas.

Parking: free parking near the hotel or guarded insured parking for 2,50 € / night

A spa fee is not included in the rate (paid when checking in) 1,50 € / person / day. The stay begins with dinner on the day of arrival and ends with breakfast on the day of departure. Check-in is available after 14:00 and check out is available until 10:00.


You can also download this stay in PDF format here. We are looking forward to your visit!

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