We will take care of your relaxation.

About Hotel Flora

Hotel Flora is located on the outskirts of Dudince’s spa area. Dudince are known for their exceptional healing water, but also for  the most sunny days in Slovakia per year. On the premises of the hotel, under the supervision of a medical practitioner, we provide treatment and rehabilitation procedures performed by qualified medical staff. Procedures are provided on the basis of a medical examination and therefore the stay in our hotel is suitable for people who are looking for relaxation and full medical and rehabilitative care.

If you are interested in spending a holiday or a few days of rest in a nice, peaceful and pleasant environment and also relax your body, we are happy to welcome you. We’ll make sure you feel good so that you can relax and gain new energy.

Watch a virual tour in our hotel. Have a walk around, enter the hotel, go to the reception, see the rooms, dining area, swimming pool.